Our Vision

Revolutionize the way soil is engineered and reduce human impact on life around us. 


Our Mission

Utilize nature’s biological processes to provide innovative soil engineering solutions at lower cost.  

About BioCement Technologies, Inc.

We are a soil engineering company focused on bringing a set of patented, microbial induced soil engineering solutions to market. These natural, carbon-neutral processes can be used for (but are not limited to) improving soil quality in unpaved roads and surfaces, stabilizing infrastructure and remediating heavy metal contamination in soils. We leverage our core science through collaboration with strategic partners. As we carry out our mission, we are committed to performing excellent science and improving the health of our environment.

The Science

A team of researchers at the University of Idaho identified a class of bacteria indigenous to almost all soils on Earth, which can hydrolyze urea in the presence of calcium chloride to precipitate calcium carbonate. This process can greatly reduce permeability and compressibility of soil while significantly increasing soil strength and is the foundation of our patent portfolio. Unlike other microbial induced calcite precipitation processes, the use of indigenous bacteria is more reliable, less expensive, and creates a more uniform result.


CO(NH_2)_2 + 2H_2O \rightarrow 2NH_4^+ + CO_3^{2-}

Ca^{2+} + CO_3^{2-} \rightarrow CaCO_3 (calcium carbonate)


We work closely with private, academic and government organizations to further the development of our core science and explore new technologies. We are always interested in investigating collaboration opportunities, please click this link to contact us.

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